COME FLY WITH ME.....................COFFEE, TEA OR BARBIE!!

Barbie has had many occupations and one of the most returned to has be that of Air Stewardess.  Barbie worked first for American Airlines and then she moved on to other airlines such as Pan Am, Braniff and others.



All ready for flight time, Skipper wears #1946 Glad Plaids from 1967. Twin Canadian Barbies share the Get Ups and Go outfit United Airlines Stewardess. American Girl Barbie flies for Pan American Airlines (Stewardess) #1678 from 1966. Ken pilots the group in American Airlines Captain #0779 from 1964-65. Barbie looks smart in American Airlines Stewardess #984 from 1961-1964. They are joined by a recent Captain Barbie. Below Ken helps by co-piloting the plane in United Airlines Captain(a Get Ups and Go(G.U.A.G) outfit). Tutti is ready for her first flight in the German outfit, Big Holiday.


#0779 American Airlines Captain


#779 American Airlines Captain

Ken is wearing an incorrect hat as my set didn't have a hat and he needs something to wear. Here is the correct hat. 

#7707 United Airlines Captain Get Ups and Go


#984 American Airlines Stewardess


#1678 Pan American Airlines Stewardess


#7703 Get Ups and Go United Airlines Stewardess


Captain Barbie


#1250 Gad-Abouts


#1946 Glad Plaids


#1735 Twice As Nice


Get Ups and Go Outfit
#8503 Grosse Reise(German outfit, Big Holiday)