Brin and Erin

Two Special Dolls


In the late 1990's to 2000, Mattel had a feature on their site called My Design Barbie. There you could choose the hair colour, hairstyle, skin colour and outfit(for a set of offerings)for your own special Barbie doll. You could name her and give her a biography. She came packaged in special packaging just for you. It was really quite cool!!! Here are two dolls I had made for me(well actually 4 because I bought two each of Brin and Erin, one to keep MIB), they were made even more special because Brin was one of the first 25,000 dolls ever made and Erin was one of the first dolls made in the new millenium. Sadly the feature was removed after only a short time.



Brin has sparkling brown eyes and stylish brown hair. She is wearing her new Radian in Red Outfit with extra City Slick accessories. Her birthday is in March. She lives in a beach town and spends a lot of time teaching. She's interested in computers, loves to collect dolls and enjoys being with her cat. Brin is a special friend of Barbie.

Brin was made on December 28, 1998.



Erin is a friend of Barbie. She has green eyes and stylish bobbed, fiery red hair. Erin has a wonderful family and loves dressing with style! Erin is a veterinarian with a great love for animals. When she's not busy running her business, Erin rides horses and collects dolls. She lives in a beach community with her cat, and she loves pigging out on chocolate!

Erin was made on January 1, 2000.