Barbie and Friends go Camping


By the shores of Gitchiegoomie, by, well you know what I mean. Here are Malibu Barbie, Ken, Francie and Skipper. They are wearing their Get Ups and Go Camping Gear Outfits.

Here they are all set up for the big campfire sing along that is to come later tonight.

Well, the campfire was fun and everyone got to bed late, but Skipper is the first one up this morning.

Wow, where did that long weekend go! Hurry up Francie, we're all ready to go.

#7706 G.U.A.G* Safari



#7702 G.U.A.G Bright Gear for Camping Out


#7846 G.U.A.G Camping

#7715 G.U.A.G Camping (1973)

G.U.A.G Camping Backpacks

*Get Ups and Go