This Licca was purchsed in the doll class of the Licca-chan Castle for 3500 yen. Her hair appears to be a very pale blond, but actually it's a blend of silver and other colors. She's wearing a dress made from a pattern in "My favorite doll book" (also featured in the workshop).

The "real" Indian Licca was part of a series wearing costumes from different countries, released in 1992. The Indian one, in a sari, is the most popular with Japanese collectors, and she commands very high prices on the secondary market. The doll above is actually from the Castle doll class, but she has the same skin tone, hair color and hair style as Indian Licca. Her eyes were touched up, in the style of 1st generation Licca.

This Castle original Licca was released in July 1999 in a limited edition of 30 (this is number 24). She has a very special hairstyle consisting of 6 "dango" (buns) held in place with nails driven into her head (ouch!), which makes her look a little like the main character in the cartoon "Sazae-san". The outfit she's wearing and her bunny were made especially for her. She came with an unusual (for Licca) 2-pronged black stand and packaged in a special cardboard box.

This doll was bought at the "doll class" in Licca-chan Castle (for non-specialist readers, the Castle is a Takara doll factory combined with doll museum and shop). The doll class, where for a small fee you pick a nude doll of your choice (Jenny and friends are also available), its dress and accessories, is mainly meant for children, but probably few collectors would resist it! This doll is the one that was used for "Pink House Licca" (Pink House is a famous Japanese brand of "romantic"-looking clothes).

This doll is a limited edition original from the Licca-chan Castle (Takara's doll factory/museum/shop). Her eyes are of a darker blue than usual and she has delicate coloring. Her clothes (the embroidery on her apron says "Licca-chan") reproduce the uniform of some of the Castle's female employees.

This Castle original Licca has the current 4th generation head mold, but her hair is styled to resemble 2nd generation Licca.



Another Castle original doll wearing a custom made outfit.