The years seemed to fly by and the Roberts family children were reallying growing up.

Tutti, Skipper, George, Margaret, Barbie, Todd(whose hair is now resembling his father's)


In the fall of her second year at Willows, Barbie tried out for the football Cheerleading squad. With her experience of last year, cheering on the basketball team, she was immediately accepted. Midge made the cut too. At the first pep rally, Barbie and Midge were excited to meet the team.


A handsome young man about a year older than Barbie stepped forward to introduce himself.........

"Hi", he said, "I'm Ken Carson and this is my friend Allan Sherwood."

"Oh, hello", Barbie finally managed to say. "I'm Barbie Roberts and this is my friend Midge Hadley."

"Can I get you girls a soda?" asked Ken.

"Oh, yes thanks!" said Barbie and Midge.

The four chatted easily and then Ken asked the girls if they would like to join Allan and he for a burger, on Saturday night, at the Burger Palace.

The girls raced home to Barbie's to tell everyone about their exciting meeting with the Captain of the football team and his Assistant Captain.

Together they told everyone all about the afternoon and evening at the rally and asked their permission to meet with Ken and Allan the next night.

"Oh George", said Margaret, "the Burger Palace! That's where"

"We had OUR first date, my dear", finished George.

"Well, I think that would be wonderful dear", said Margaret.

"I'll drop you girls off and that will give me a chance to meet the boys."

The girls were only too eager to agree to anything, just to get a chance to see those two dreamboats again.

Now Midge had to race home and tell her parents everything and ask their permission to join the gang.

"Bye Midge, see you later."


Saturday night and the girls were in a frenzy of dressing and primping.

"What about these shoes?"

"What about this dress?"

"Oh you girls look absolutely lovely! Have a wonderful evening you two!"



"Hello, Mr. Roberts, I'm Ken Carson and this is my friend Allan Sherwood." said Ken.

"I'm very pleased to meet you boys. Have a great evening the four of you and please have the girls home by midnight." said George.

"We will, Mr. Roberts" said Allan.

"Now what can I get for you lovely ladies?" said Allan and Ken together!


Chapter 5 Barbie Goes to College.............................................................