AND BABY MAKES THREE...........OR FOUR..........OR SIX!!

For the next few years Margaret sent her very successful fashion designs to the firm she worked for in New York.
She made monthly trips back and forth to confer with her employers. George was now a junior partner in his firm.


One day after a particularly tiring trip, Margaret decided that it was time to check out her suspicions with a doctor's appointment. George was delerious too when he heard the news.
Together they designed the nursery, George drew up the plans for the addition and Margaret designed the decor.


On March 9, 1959 Barbie Millicent Roberts was born.

Barbie was the perfect baby. Picture perfectly beautiful with a sweet disposition. Barbie grew into an equally adorable toddler. Her grandparents insisted that she would be a child model or movie star. But Margaret wanted Barbie to have a completly normal childhood. Barbie continued to be adored by her parents and grandparents and grew into a kind and loving child.


Shortly after Barbie turned five, she became a big sister when Skipper was born.


Barbie was thrilled with her little sister and helped Mommy with everything. Skipper was just like her big sister, sweet and delightful.

That summer the Roberts blossoming family forced them to move to a larger home. George was now a full partner in the Architectural firm and he designed and had built for his family a lovely large Cape Cod on a quiet street with a huge yard for the girls to play in.

A few days after moving in, one of the neighbours appeared at the door to welcome the family to the neighbourhood. Mrs. Hadley brought brownies and her five year old daughter, Midge.

While their moms had tea and chatted, Barbie and Midge struck up a friendship that was to become legendary. Barbie's sweetness and charm were well matched by Midge's good-natured wholesomeness. Midge's red hair and freckles and fun-loving attitude were just what Barbie liked.


In the fall the girls began their school experience together in the Kindergarten class at Willows Elementary School. They were inseparable!

Two years later, Margaret was ready to present the family with another addition. This time it turned out to be twins. Barbie was a big sister again. She and Midge were more than happy to help with the tiny twins, a boy named Todd and a girl named Tutti. With Skipper being just two and up and toddling around, Margaret was delighted with the help that Barbie and Midge provided.


As the years flew by in the inevitable whirl of birthday parties, brownie camps, sock hops and pajama parties..........


the girls grew up. All too soon, Barbie was a teenager and she was ready to enter Willows High School and a new Chapter in her life.


Chapter 3 Fast Times at Willows High................................................................................