It is with great sadness that I must report that Sebastion has passed away. He will be greatly missed. RIP Sabby

March 16 2002 - March 29 2014



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Cole and Sebastian are Alaskan Malemutes.

Cole was born in 2000. He is a big beautiful boy.  

Sebastian was born in 2002. We thought Cole was a big dog until Sebastian started to grow. He is HUGE!!! He makes Cole look like a midget.  
As you can see, Sebasitan is not the modest type.
For a while we thought Sabbie was going to have a floppy ear.
But no floppy ears here!
And even though he tends to be the comedian of the two, he was not convinced that wearing this silly hat improved his looks!
The boys having a howling good time. I had to take the pic through a window so as not to disturb the "jam" session.


and Sebastian with their Christmas presents.

Dexter is a Bernese Mountain Dog. He was born June 2012. He was a surprise gift. Meeting Cole
Meeting Sabbie Meeting Gabby

Cat Door Exit!!!

August, 2012

December, 2012

First Birthday!!!