The Characters

Veronique Perrin

Vanessa Perrin

Adele Makeda


Collette Duranger

Agnes von Weiss

Eugenia Perrin Frost

Natalia Fatale

Kyori Sato

Luchia Z.

Erin Salston

Nadja R.

Ayumi Nakamura

Lukas Maverick

Pierre Devries

Francisco Leon

Darius Reid

Giselle Diefendorf



Missima Cosmetics

Another contender for top cosmetics company, the Missima Cosmetics company under Natalia Fatale was not know for its scrupulous business practices. All this and a few other indescretions lead to the dismissal of Ms. Fatale. Her "loyal" friend Kyori Sato was only too happy to step into the void left by Ms. Fatale upon her untimely exit.

Kyori was now free to concentrate on what she wanted...younger models and an acting career. The younger models came in the form of the Model Behaviour group. But while Kyori is fantasizing about her new career, her Model Behaviour models are marching to a different drummer and Ms. Sato is left without her young proteges.

Natalia Fatale

Kyori Sato

Luchia Z.


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