The Boys of Graduation III

This is Shimon Takagi. He was born on Feburay 5 in London, England. Shimon is half English, half Japanese. He lives with his mother. Shimon is the founder and leader of the band M. He plays the lead guitar and is the main composer and lyricist.
This is Yuusuke Katou. He was born in Kanawaza-shi, Ishikawa-ken on August 1. Katou lives with his Father, mother, grandmother and one older and one younger sister. Katou wants to be an Astronaut. He is the drummer for M.
This is Shou Nakamoto. He was born on July 9 in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to. Shou lives with his father, stepmother, grandfather, grandmother and elder sister. Shou wants to be a Veterinarian. He plays the Electric keyboard for M.

This is Mikimaro Shimura. He was born October 12 in Choufu-shi, Tokyo-to. He lives with his father and mother. His hoped for future occupation is becoming the president of Softhouse Co. He plays rhythm guitar in M.
This is Tougo Arai. He was born November 27 in Setagayaku seijou, Tokyo-to. He lives with his father and mother. He plays bass guitar for M.