Great Eras Barbie


In 1993 Mattel opened a new series called Great Eras®. Each doll was dressed to represent an era of history. While the concept was great, the quality of some of the dolls was not a good as expected. However the series was well presented and last until 1997.


1993 The Gibson Girl

The first doll in the Great ErasĀ® collection. Gibson Girl BarbieĀ® doll represents the early 20th century.


The Flapper

From the Roaring Twenties,1920's that is, Barbie is stylish from her bobbed hair right down to her drop-waist dress, perfect for attending the Speakeasy.


1994 The Southern Belle

Representing the late 19th century, Barbie is stunning in her hoop skirted dress, ready for her first cotillion.


The Egyptian Queen

Reminiscent of Cleopatra,during the Golden Age of Egypt, Barbie is a regal Pharoah.


1995 The Medieval Lady

Barbie wears the latest style in 15th century Medieval headwear....a golden hennin.


The Elizabethan Queen

Barbie wears a stylish pillbox hat atop her elaborately formed hairstyle. This type of style was very popular with Queen Elizabeth I and hence with the court in the 16th century. The hair was usually formed around a templet and held in place with wires and pins. The style of clothing in this era, with its high collars dicatated that women's hair be worn swept up and out of the way of the elaborate collars.


1996 The Victorian Lady

From the mid 19th to the turn of the 20th century was a period know as the Victorian Period, so name as it coincided with the reign of Queen Victoria. This era marked one of the most interesting fashion statments appearance...the bustle.


The Grecian Goddess

Representing the Goddess Athena, Barbie takes us back over 2000 years of history to the Golden Age of Greek Mythology.

1997 The French Lady

Barbie attends Napoleon's court in the Napoleonic Age(18th to 19th century) wearing her lovely empire waistline gown of French blue.

The Chinese Empress

Dressed as an Empress of the Qing Dynasty, the last ruling dynasty of China, Barbie wears a costume that captures the authentic look and feel of the Qing dynasty.