Kindergarten Licca



Pictured above is Licca as a toddler, wearing her kindergarten uniform. The series also includes her friends Izumi and Isamu, French Kindergarten Licca and her friends Ice and Milk, her cousin Charles and his girlfriend Chocolat, as well as Licca's little sisters Miki and Maki, their friends Mika, Yuuta, and Kana, the "A-I-U-E-O" clique (their mouths shape the vowels) : Eri, Omi, Aki, Ito, Usa (girls), Eiji, Otomi, Ayumu, Ikumi and Umita (boys), Chocolat's siblings Cream and Marron, Ribbon's brothers Yuu and Dai, little nurse triplets, Kinomi and more.....quite a crowd! For comparison purposes here is a picture of Barbie's Little sister, Kelly's friend Chelsie next to Licca. Licca's head is bigger and squarish, and her nose and mouth are not well defined, more in the "anime" style, than Licca portrayed at 11 years old. Chelsie is slightly taller then Licca and her body is a little different, her arms and legs are closer to her body and stiffer.

Kindergarten Izumi


Licca's friend Izumi as a toddler, wearing her kindergarten uniform. Right : Izumi looks very comfy in the bear suit from the pattern in MFDB Licca #3. Izumi was originally a member of the "Licca-chan Trio" (1968), together with Wataru, Licca's first BF. Her full name was Satou Izumi. The current Licca friend Izumi, or 3rd generation Izumi, is a different character, with a different head mold, and her full name is Shiratori Izumi. At 24 cm (9.45" ) she's a little taller than Licca.

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