More Licca!

Onono Komachi Licca, a Licca-chan Castle exclusive.



Left : "Dancing Licca" portrays Licca as a few years older. Now she's a disco queen! Right : "High School Licca" is a 1998 TRU exclusive, made with a Jenny head mold and 27 cm (10.6"") body. She's wearing a school uniform and has the pale pink lips which were very fashionable among young girls in the summer of 1998..




The "Petit Antique" series dates from 1992. These dolls wear velvet dresses (here red and black) trimmed with lace and resemble little girls from the early part of the century.


Two Liccas wearing kimonos. The one on the right with brown eyes and black hair is a Licca-chan Castle original.


A third generation Licca and a Pinky Pink Licca. The first generation lasted from 1967 to 1972 ; the second generation from 1972 to 1981 (however the face mold was notably changed in 1979) ; the third generation from 1982 to 1986 ; the fourth generation from 1987 to the present. A fifth generation "Pinky Pink" Licca made a brief appearance in 1992 but wasn't successful (it seems she was too glamorous for little girls' tastes).

1910 Licca

1920 Licca

Here are two Liccas dressed as an Air Stewardess and Country Picnic Licca.

Licca is now married to Franz Shibure. In 2001, she has her first child. They call their new baby girl, Licca!


World Licca

Cabin Attendant Licca



Snow White Licca


Happy Kimono Festival Family