This very mini dress is called "Shopping".


I bought both of these 1st generation dresses on eBay. Unfortunately I had many rivals and the bidding went quite high. Left : this dress is called "Roman sun". In the auction it was described as "in excellent condition" but both sleeves are torn from the bodice at the back...sigh...I bought the tights at Licca-chan Club 67 and got the boots in a trade. I'm still looking for the red boots - please contact me if you have them for sale or trade! Right : this outfit is called "Pretty yoke". I bought the white pumps at a toy show.


..............................................................Left this dress is called "Mini mini rock". .....Right: this outfit is called "Are these stars?" but the booklet does mention that a sky is kind of strange! It's made of flannel.


Left : this 1st generation Licca dress is called "After the test". Actually this one is a Penny Brite dress, but Takara had bought leftover stock from Topper and had used it for Licca. Right : A pretty lemon-colored first generation Licca dress.

This is a Licca-chan trio booklet dating from late 1968.

In the picture at the bottom right, Licca, with a dreamy look in her eyes, asks her mother : "Say, Mama, when will I finally meet Dad?" Can't you just picture Orie replying : "Um, er - ... very soon, dear!" Poor Licca had to wait for 21 years more!

Some dresses pictured in the booklet.

Here are more scans of the booklet:





This outfit is a "Hana no torio" (Flower trio) outfit. It's called "Wasurenagusa" (forget-me-not). Model: Lady Licca ("angel" hair). The plastic shoes have shrunk and hardened with age. This happens sometimes. The box also included a green bead necklace.



This outfit is called "Skipping rope". It's in great condition and comes with a "Flower trio" booklet. The booklet alone goes for 17500 yen on Yahoo!

Here are the cover and some scans from the "Flower Trio" booklet. Lady Licca and her friends have some points in common : they all have a Japanese mother and a foreign father (Lady Licca's is French, Jun's is Swiss, and Aya's is American). And, they all love bowling!



The sleeves and collar appear to be made of satin ; the other fabric seems to be dark blue velveteen. This outfit is called "Olive" (no idea why).

As seen in the scan of the booklet above, there are 5 hair color variations (Venus, Angel, Rubian, Maxi and Bobby) and many collectors are trying to get all 5, however since this doll is quite rare and very popular, it's a difficult endeavour.

These cute cards came with the outfit and depict various Lady Licca fashions.

Here are some pictures scanned from the inside of the booklet.