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2005 Chapter 1
Garbo de Go & Usagi
2005 Chapter 2
2005 Chapter 3
2005 Chapter 4
Torte & Flan
2006 Chapter 1
2006 Chapter 2
2006 Chapter 3
2006 Chapter 4
Swallow Airliner
2007 Chapter 1
2007 Chapter 2?
The End of an Era

Chapter 1 2005

Reminiscent of Momoko, Annz broke onto the fashion doll scene with Chapter 1 Traditional Kimonos. There are four dolls in Chapter 1: Mitzutama Modern (black), Mitzutama Modern (pink), Fam style and Modish style.

Fam style, left, Mitzutama Modern (black), right

Mitzutama Modern (pink) left, Modish style, right


On April 29, 2005, Annz attended the Doll Show 14 event and brought with them two dolls that were exclusive to the show, Garbo de go(left) and Usagi.


Chapter 2 dolls are all about hakamas.

Marin POP

Two kimono outfits sold separately were also produced.


Once again two special edition dolls were introduced at a Doll Show. The main difference being the change of haircolours.


Chapter 3 dolls were originally announced as a sixties airline theme...Swallow Airliner, however at Doll Show 15 two new dolls were announced as Chapter 3. They were Black Cat(left) and Snow Rabbit.

Photos by RandD Fashion Dolls, suppliers of Annz and other Asian Fashion dolls.


Chapter 4 dolls pictures are from the Annz site.


In early 2006, Annz did a collaboration for Doll Show. There were two dolls Flan and Torte. Flan was auctioned on Yahoo Japan for 133,00Y approximately $1100.00USD. Torte was given away in a raffle at the end of February, 2007.


In 2006, the number of the dolls reverted back to Chapter 1.

Chapter 1, 2006



In February Annz announced a new Version of Annz in Wonderland. While the doll remained the same, the kimono was different.


So this still leaves Annz fanz wondering, whatever happened to the much anticipated sixties airliner theme......Swallow Airliner, with its three dolls, Fresh Girl, Swing Woman, and Handsome Lady. Well as of May 2006, the wondering was over as Annz finally announced Swallow Airline, but with a few changes. Only two dolls were announced. First was the Swallow Airline Doll. This doll comes with the Stewardess uniform and a set of lounge pjs.



But just to make it interesting Annz also announced a DollyBird magazine exclusive: Japonesque



Well it's a start, but the originals are still very appealing, maybe......................


Fresh Girl is an airline stewardess. Swing Woman is an international stewardesss. Handsome Lady is a pilot.



Annz's summer offering was a group of three dolls referred to as sisters.

The redhead on the right is the oldest sister. In the center is the youngest sister and the middle sister is on the left.


September, 2006, the cutest Giftset arrived. It was Chapter 3 for 2006.




December, 2006 brought Chapter 4, Cotton Sugar.


Two more kimono outfits were offered in December, 2006.

Love Music Black(left) and Love Music Red


January, 2007 brought the new line of Annz. The first doll was called Romantic Poodle, but there was no reference of her being Chapter 1, 2007. This doll came as the dressed doll or just the kimono outfit.


In April, 2007, Annz announced their third anniversary celebration doll. The doll is called Watage and is dressed as seen below. Also for this third anniversary collection there are two kimono outfits. One is called Kaleidoscope, the other Twinkle.





Description translated from Annz site:

When (kimono set) the kaleidoscope is excluded... the world of traveling spreads there. The turquoise blue which represents the sky all over, the butterfly flaps. They are the clothes which maiden apricot Annz of illustration the "car window" has worn.

Here Momoko models Kaleidoscope...........





Description translated from Annz site:

(kimono set) the kimono of capital Kure mansion ??????? reached apricot Annz size. In band, same ???... resize edition of band of gull! The girl it is ??????? which seems? ?

Once again, Momoko kindly steps in to model Twinkle................



Sadly 2008 did not bring a new line of Annz dolls and the beautifully crafted dolls, with the true to life kimonos were out of production.