I like to call these dolls School Activities because these outfits remind me of clothes kids would wear while doing these things at school.


First we have young Dr. Frankenstein in his lab coat:
This young lady is captain of the swim team:

The Tennis Club:

This doll shows a different hair style than

I have seen



These dolls are wearing, on the right, a very pretty pink and green kimono and a dark blue hakama (a kind of over-skirt tied at the waist), with white cloth socks ("tabi") and sandals ("zori"). The doll on the left, wears a geometric purple and white print kimono and a dark purple hakama, with white cloth socks ("tabi") and sandals ("zori").These clothes are traditionally worn by girls on the day they graduate from college (not high school). From what I've seen in books and on TV, I think that it used to be worn by girl students in the past (Meiji era).