These dolls appear to be the basis of the BG YOU line.








The next group of girls I discovered while browsing on YJ. I think, as they did not appear on the first doll boxes or on the inserts and that their boxes show four different dolls from the original group above, and the fact that their uniforms look a little more modern, that they were perhaps the next year's offering. However I have never been able to verify this as there is so little information about these wonderful dolls. If the first set of dolls were difficult to find, these four were near to impossible. They are extremely rare.






In most Japanese junior high and high schools the uniform is compulsory. The girls wear skirts and the boys Prussian-looking jackets, often in black, with gleaming buttons and stiff collars, and matching trousers. The uniform that is the most usual, traditional version : dark blue pleated skirt and blouse with "sailor"-style collar and bow. Nowadays however there is an amazing profusion of styles for girls' uniforms; there are even books published with descriptions and pictures of the uniforms of all the schools in a region or in the whole country. Some girls are said to use these books to select a school with a "cute" uniform!