Beautiful Crissy

The first Crissy doll with "growing hair" was introduced in 1969 by Ideal Toys. Crissy was 18" tall, with black pupil less eyes. Her long ponytail, could be pulled out until it reached her ankles. With the twist of a knob on her back, her hair would wind back into her head. By 1970 a change was made to the length of Crissy's hair, and it would only grow down until just above her knees. This length was carried across all of her family and friends and became the standard.

Crissy's family dolls were: Cousin Velvet(16"), Cousin Cinnamon(12" Velvet's Little Sister)

Crissy's friend dolls were: Kerry, Brandi, Tressy, all 18" tall, and Mia, Dina, Cricket, and Tara, all 16" tall.

Crissy and her family and friends came in many versions. First there were the basic dolls. Crissy(and Black Crissy)came in the following versions: Moovin' Groovin', Talky(white doll only), Look Around, Swirla Curler, Twirly Beasd, Magic Hair, and Country version. Velvet(and Black Velvet) also came as: Moovin' Groovin', Talky(white doll only), Look Around, Beady Braider, Swirly Daisies, and Reissue (1983). Tressy, Cricket, Brandi, and Dina also came in the Posin' version. Crissy, Velvet, Cinnamon, and Tressy also came in African American (Black) versions. Tara was an AA doll friend.

All dolls, had glassine eyes and black eyelashes, except Brandi, Dina, and Cinnamon, who had painted eyes.




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