Living where we the country at the end of a long road and cul-de-sac......having a barn with horses, folks seem to think we always need some more barn cats. We have had several cats left on our doorstep over the past few years. Some of them stayed with us, others were turned over to the local cat shelter(no kill of course), Langley Cares, and found their own forever homes. Here they are, our little furry friends.........

Miss Kitty was our first homeless kitty. She had been injured as a kitten when someone dropped a bale of hay on her. She was living at another barn but had to be moved because there were too many cats there, so she moved in on us. About a year after she moved in, someone left the lounge door open one night and we never saw Miss Kitty again.


Callie, was a calico cat that was abandoned on our doorstep. She was turned over to Langley Cares and it turned out that she was a very sick kitty. They nursed her back to help and she went to live with one of the volunteers.


Raindrop appeared around the house one fall on, you guessed it, a rainy day. At first we thought it was Charlie because they look so much alike. We tried all winter to get him to come to us, but he would never allow us too close. He continued to hang around the following summer and winter. We just couldn't get to him. The following summer he became more trusting and I kept leaving the food closer to the house. He was allowing us closer. One night there was a huge fight outside and we ran out to search for Raindrop, but could not find him. We feared the worse and when we did not see him for three days, we were very upset. But on the morning of the fourth day he was sitting outside the back door waiting for food. It was obvious that he was not well. In his absence I had purchased a cat trap, as I had decided enough was enough and I would just have to trap him. I never thought he would enter the trap, but when I set it out that night within 5 minutes he was in it.

After a few hisses and spits, he calmed down and I took him to the vet, for a check up on his injuries and then he was transported to the shelter. It took a while for Raindrop, whom they renamed Cinders to gain his confidence back in people, but he did and was adopted out to a new home.


Freddy the Freeloader walked right up to the door and asked for dinner! A ginger tom without an ounce of fear in him. Well my kitties took an instant dislike to Freddy and they wouldn't allow him to stay. My daughter's friend took him, but he was back within the week as her youngest son turned out to be allergic. So my daughter took Freddy, but as loveable as he was to humans, he didn't seem to get along that well with cats and my daughter's cat turfed him out of there. So Freddy set off to the Langley Cares shelter and he is now living in his own home.