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I saw these wonderful houses on eBay one day while surfing about. They are fabulous in their detail. The builder/designer, Garry, has allowed me to show the pictures of his houses on my site.

First the Oak Park House:



Garry's second creation(and boy am I kicking myself for not bidding on this beauty) is the Devonshire house. Here is what he has to say:

This miniature represents a typical modern "contemporary" style American home.  It is in a scale of 1/4 of an inch = to 1 foot.  It was built from February 19 -- March 30, 2005 by myself.  It is unfurnished just like it is ready to move in and includes hand made miniatures right down to the faucets and fixtures.  All miniatures are permanently glued in.  The roof is detachable so that the insides are visible.  The actual size of the miniature is 12 x 12 inches in area and stands 6  inches tall (top of chimney).  The name of the house, my signature and dates of construction are posted on the driveway.

It is made from balsa wood, construction paper, paint, and plastic. Landscaping is from grass paper, and lichen for bushes.

The Devonshire house also features living, dining, kitchen, foyer, 2 bedrooms, and bath.  It also features hand drawn bricks, siding, tiles, and "hardwood" floors. Other features include a deck, stairs, kitchen cabinets, stove, fridge, dishwasher, bath fixures (toilet, sink, tub, and shower), and an easily removable main roof (foyer roof is permanent).  It will just amaze you and your friends and family!!  It would make a great conversation piece!!






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