He's the Cat we all greet
As he walks down the street
In his coat of fastidious black:
No commonplace mousers
Have such well-cut trousers
Or such an impeccable back.
In the whole of St. James's,
The smartest of names is
The name of this Brummell of Cats;
And we're all of us proud to
Be nodded or bowed to
By Bustopher Jones in white spats!


Michael`s original owner passed away and the family had no idea what to do with him and his sister Annie(who looked just like him only grey). So they gave Mike and Annie to my next door neighbour as barn cats. She kept them in for two week to aclimatize them to the barn and the moment the door opened both of them flew out and Annie went West and was never seen again and Michael went east to the drainpipe in the ditch at the bottom of our driveway. We had no idea who this cat was and when finally he decided he needed to find a suitable home, he wandered up our driveway. Of course he was welcomed in and the neighbours were called to ask if they had lost a cat. Well my neighbour said, that sounds like Mike and she told me his story. I said well you`d better come and get him and she said, nope, he`s never going to be a barn cat, and he isn`t!!! He and Ginger Tom are like the Odd Couple. They are inseparable, Mike is the Felix of the pair and Ginger Tom is the Oscar.


First of all, there's the name that the family use daily..............Mikey

But I tell you, a cat needs a name that's particular..................Felix

Deep and inscrutable singular Name.....................................Mikeylikesit