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The site has been revamped and now I just need to add all the pics of the paperdolls in my collection. Some of the pics are here with permission from ONCEAGAIN34, bestpaperdolls, and nutz4paperdollz.

PAPERDOLLS FOR SALE (Weeding out extras and doubles and paperdoll "stuff")


On this site you will find pictures of paperdolls from my collection spanning the Forties to the Seventies(and beyond). I have tried to scan/photograph the clothes as often as was possible, as I want this page to be like my Marx Page, an online reference for collectors. In researching Paperdolls for these pages I have used paperdolls from and bought paper dolls from three excellent sellers on eBay. They are, in no particular order: bestpaperdolls, ONCEAGAIN34, nutz4paperdollz. If you are looking for beautiful sets of paperdolls, please visit these sellers.

Once again this site like Topsy has "growed"!!! I am now rearranging it alphabetically rather than by decades, to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. I will still keep the decades pages though for browsing through a particular era. Wherever possible I try for pics of uncut sets, however sometimes I only have a cut set and it may not be complete.

Just click on the name of the paperdolls you would like to view. Please note that "The" is not used in filing these alphabetically. Celebrities are listed by their last name.

A - H

I - P

Q - Z

27 Dancing School Paperdolls

- I -

- Q -

3 Wood Dolls Indian Paperdolls Queen Amidala Paperdoll Book
3 Little Girls Who Grew and Grew International Paperdolls Quiz Kids
6 Movie Starlets It's a Date

- R -

40 Boys and Girls at School Itsy Bitsy Beans Raggedy Ann
1964 World's Fair (Red Book)

- J -

Rainbow Brite
1964 World's Fair (Yellow Book) Jack and Jane Rainbow Paper Doll

- A -

Jackie and Joan Ranch Family, The
Air Hostess Jane and Michael (Mary Poppins) Donna Reed
Airliner Pilot and Hostess Jane, Jack, and Sue Debbie Reynolds
June Allyson Jaunty Juniors Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Amy Magic Doll Jean Jeans Rosebud
Julie Andrews    
Annette Jem Royal Family of Paperdolls
Archies, The

- K -

- S -

Army Navy Wedding Party Kathy, Danny, Linda, Mikey +2 Sally's Silver Skates
Army Nurse and Doctor Katy Keene School Children
Around the Clock with Sue and Dot Karen and Cubby School Girl Paperdolls

- B -

Ken Seven & Seventeen
Baby Alive Kitty Goes to Kindergarten She-Ra
Baby Brother and Sister

- L -

Six Grown-Up Paperdolls
Baby Brother Tenderlove Lennon Sisters, The Sixteen
Baby Grows Up Linda, Mouseketeer Ann Sheridan
Baby Shower Little Ballerina Dinah Shore
Lucy (Lucille Ball) Little Golden Activity Book Paperdolls Skating Stars
Ballet Paper Dolls Little Golden Paperdolls Skipper
Jane & Michael Banks(Mary Poppins) Little Miss America Skooter
Barbara and Baby Betty Little Red Schoolhouse Kindergarten Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Barbie Little Sweethearts Ann Sothern
Best Friends Littlest First Born Southern Belles
Betsy McCall Lollipop Kids Star Wars Episode 1
Betsy MCall Magazine Sheets Grace Kelly Star Wars Padme Amidala
Big and Little Dolls Janet Leigh Elaine Stewart
Big 'n Little Sister Lennon Sisters Gale Storm
Big 'n Little Six Sisters 6 and Sweet 16

- M -

Strawberry Sue
Blondie Paperdolls Jeanette MacDonald Sub-Deb Paperdolls
Ann Blythe Giselle Mackenzie Sugar Plum Dolls
Boarding School Claire McCardell Summer Date
  Magazine Cover Girls  
Pat Boone Magic Mary Jane Susan Doll Book, The
Brady Bunch,The Magic Mary Lou Susan, Anne, Jenny and Jane
Bridal Paper Doll Sets (See also Wedding) Virginia Mayo Sweet 16
Brownie Paperdolls Vera Miles Sweetheart Paperdolls
Buffy Hayley Mills

- T -

Butterscotch Marilyn Monroe Tammy
Edd "Kookie" Byrnes MGM Starlets Tammy Marihugh

- C -

Midge Elizabeth Taylor
Cathy Goes to Camp Minnie 'n Me Teen Time
Marge and Gower Champion Miss America Teen Town
Cyd Charisse Miss Silver Screen This Year's Girl
Coke Crowd, The Miss Sunbeam Three Little Girls and How They Grew
Coronation Paper Dolls Mommy & Me (1954) Three Little Sisters
  Mommy & Me (1955) Tini Mods
Cowgirls (See also Dude Ranch) Mommy & Me (1960) Tommy and Jean
Crissy Mother and Daughter Paperdolls Tots Toggery
Bob Cummings Movie Starlets Trisha
Cutting Up with Ramona My Book of Little House Paperdolls Trixie Belden

- D -

My Doll Family Tuesday Weld
Daisy My Doll House Family Lana Turner
Doris Day My Very First Paper Dolls Tutti
Laraine Day

- N -

Dell Dolls Nancy and Peggy Two Marys, The
Denim Deb National Velvet (Lori Martin)

- U - V - W -

Dick and Dot, the Dell Twins Navy Girls  Waltons, The
Dick, Jane, and Sally Navy Scouts Watch Me Grow
Dionne Quints Ricky Nelson Wedding of the Paperdolls
Dodi New Quintuplet Dolls Wispy Walker
Dolly Pringle Paper Dolls Kim Novak Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, The
Double Wedding Nurse and Doctor Natalie Wood
Dress Alike Dolls Nurse Cut-Out Doll

- X - Y - Z -

Dress Me! Nursery School Dolls Yellowstone Kelley
Dude Ranch Nurses Three Ziegfeld Girl
Patty Duke Nurses, The  

- E -

Nutcracker, The  

- F -

- O -

Family Affair Oklahoma  
Family of Paper Dolls Annie Oakley  
Fashion Previews Margaret O'Brien  
Fashion Show Our World Paperdolls  
First Date Outdoor Pals  
Five Model Miss Cutouts

- P -

Francie Patti Page  
Francis Tipton Hunter's Paperdolls Paperdoll Family and their House, The  
Freckles & Sniffles Paper Doll Party  
Connie Francis Paperdolls of Early America  

- G -

Paper Doll Wedding  
Judy Garland Eleanor Parker  
Ginghams, The Partridge Family  
Gina Gilespie Party of 6 Paperdolls   
Girl Friends  Pasting Without Paste Paperdolls for Little Dressmakers  
Girl Guide Paperdoll Patience and Prudence  
Girls in Uniform Peachy and her Puppets  
Girl Pilots of the Ferry Command Peggy and Peter  
Glamour Girls Gigi Perreau  
Glamour Parade Pert and Pretty  
Gone with the Wind Petticoat Junction  
Good Neighbour Pig Tails Cut-Out Book  
Green Acres Pilot and Stewardess Airliner Paperdolls  

- H -

Pink Prom Twins  
Happy Family, The Pink Wedding, The  
Heavenly Blue Wedding, The Pocket Paperdolls  
Here Comes the Bride Polka Dot Twins, The  
High School Polly and Peter  
Hour of Charm Polly Pepper Paper Dolls  
Rock Hudson Pollyana  
Betty Hutton and Her Girls Princess Diana  
Martha Hyer Princess Diana Paper Doll Book of Fashion, The  
  Princess Paperdoll Book, The  
  Prom Time Cut-Outs  
  Dorothy Provine  
  Polly Pepper Paper Dolls  
  Mary Poppins  
  Jane Powell  

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