I had no idea who made this great little rancher, but when I saw it in an auction, I had to have it. Just recently I learned something more about this house. From Dollhouse collector extrordinaire Roy S.: The plastic rancher came from Mexico. It was furnished with the "colorful" furniture made from the Plasco molds. The Plasco logo is present but the "made in USA has been scratched from the molds. The interior and exterior walls are copies of the Plasco house - floor and roofing are different.

I have filled the house with Renwal, because it just seemed to suit it.  I have recentlly learned that it was furnished with furniture Made in Mexico from the Plasco molds. Now that should be easy to find, right!!!

Here is the kitchen.......the table has cats painted on it!!!!

The livingroom, I just love the card table.

The bathroom, with the bedroom beside it.  Don't you just love the blinds!!!





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