Who's That Girl?


She's a wonderful new gal and her best buddy from Volks.........Kana is a superarticulated doll, who is lots of fun to pose. Mami is her best friend. Both dolls come in a wide variety of long hair styles and colours. They both wear strapless swimsuits.

Yamato and Takeru are the boyfriends of Kana and Mami


Kana and Mami arrived on a very hot summer day. As soon as they were out of the packing box, they headed straight for poolside, to refresh themselves and soak up a few rays.

Here's Kana soaking up the sun.


Mami wants to cool her toes............

and then she gazes into the depths.


Mami likes the warm rays and fresh air.


After enjoying a restful day in the sun, the girls get into modelling some of their new clothes.