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It was the summer of 1960.......................

Barbie's Life Story

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(How I See It) Based on some fact

Chapter 3 Fast Times at Willows High

Coming Soon!!

Chapter 5 Barbie Goes to College

Chapter 6 Job Switching Barbie Style
Chapter 7 Barbie Enters the New Millineum
Chapter 8 Splitsville
Chapter 9 Wedding Bells
Chapter 10 Happily Ever After??

I had saved my allowance for a whole month

and I had no idea what I would buy

.....................with the fortune I had with me.......


I made my way to the only Department Store in our area...Sears or as we knew it then Simpson-Sears. I decided to start in the bargain basement to see if there was anything there, thinking perhaps my money would go farther. Then I saw her........all by herself she had been marked down from $1.98 to $.98. I checked her over carefully, but could find nothing wrong with her.........Barbie was beautiful. She had soft brunette hair done up in a ponytail.

Her zebra striped swimsuit was the latest fashion, her high heeled pumps, trend setting, and those sunglasses and earrings took my breath away. (I later found out, she was a #3.) With my remaining money, I bought her some kind of 99 cent outfit so she would have something to wear. I raced home. I couldn't wait to get her out of the box and start dressing her up and making clothes for her, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how that darn stand worked!!! It had this round base thingy with a hole in it, I tried everything, but could never figure it out. Later I found out that the metal stand part was missing and that must have been why she had been marked down.........but she was perfect for me and started me on my collecting way. Here she is........

Click on the highlighted words below, to find out what section they are living in now, in my collection.

The next year for my birthday, I got a brand new Bubble cut doll with White Ginger hair.


Her hair is no longer the brilliant white it was when she and I were younger, but I have now learned that this hair colour makes her quite rare, even as oxidized as it is. I can remember looking at the box and thinking what a weird name "White Ginger" was for a hair colour. Well white or whatever, she stole my heart away from my brunette No. 3 and I decided to give my ponytail doll to my friend Linda, whose family couldn't afford to buy her one. Linda and I spent hours inventing all kinds of scenarios for our two girls. Then Linda moved away and my ponytail went with her. Well it has taken me many years and a lot more money, but I have managed to get a replacement No. 3.

The summer after Linda moved away, two new girls arrived on our block, Eldeen(Deenie) and Barbara Rae(Rae for short) became my new best friends and lo and behold, they loved Barbie as much as I did. One summer Deenie invited me to go to Disneyland with her. We packed our Barbie dolls and played Barbie all the way to L.A. While we were there, Deenie's mom took us to a huge toy store and there Barbie and I saw HIM. He was the most handsome guy in the place and Barbie and I knew she had met her man. A blonde fuzzy headed Ken made the return trip to Canada with the girls.


Later that year Midge arrived in Canada, followed closely by Fashion Queen Barbie. Somewhere along the line a newer Ken sneaked into the house. He was one of the shorter editions with the Knobby Knees. However he seldom looked like he did below as I always put Fashion Queen Barbie's brown page boy on him to make him look more hip and cool with the flower children of the sixties.


By the time Skipper, Francie and the younger set arrived in Canada, I was "too big" for dolls.............that's what they thought!!!

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