Beautiful Crissy


1969 First Crissy(Hair to the Floor)

First issue Crissy with auburn hair "that grows right down to her toes" First issue Crissy was in production for only six months. She is a very highly sought after doll

1969 First Black Crissy(Hair to the Floor)

Black Crissy was sold only at Sears Department Stores

1969 Second Crissy(Hair to the Hips)

Second issue Crissy had hair that reached to just above her knees. This length became the standard for all Crissy, Family, and Friends. It is thought by collectors that the range of the original hair length when retracted brought the hair only as high as the doll's lower back, thus Ideal desiring shorter hair style possibilities shortened the hair length.

1969 Second Black Crissy(Hair to the Hips)

1970 Third Crissy

This year Crissy got a new wardrobe and a new cousin, Velvet.

1970 Third Black Crissy

1971 Moovin Groovin Crissy


1971 Moovin Groovin BLACK Crissy

1971 Talky Crissy

Talky Crissy has 12 different sayings and is the most common of the Crissy talkers. A rarer 6 phrase model was produced in 1972. An even rarer 7 phrase doll has been found. This doll might have been a salesman's sample doll, but nothing is confirmed about that. This Crissy says: Hi, I'm Crissy, My hair grows!, Velvet talks too, I love you, Let's have a party!, I've got a secret, I like to dress up, Make my hair long, Make my hair short, Brush my hair please, Set my hair please, Please dry my hair. Occasionally one will find a doll that says: Hey, what time is it?, I have to go home now.

Only produced as a white doll.

1972 Second Talky Crissy

This second version of Talky Crissy is quite rare to find. She says 6 phrases: I don't think so, That sounds like fun!, I'll tell you tomorrow, Why not?, What did you say?, I'll never tell. Occasionally a doll can be found that says: You're so good to me!

Only produced as a white doll.

1972 Look Around Crissy

When the string on Crissy's back is pulled, she rotated from the neck and waist.

1972 BLACK Look Around Crissy

1973 Swirla Curler Crissy

If you stretched the box out flat this is how all the sides would look.

Here is a Crissy Swirla Curler doll MIB.

Swirla Curler Crissy has a white disk that was placed in the grow hair hole. The disc had
little poles on it to wind Crissy's hair around. The damp hair was left over night. The next day when the hair was taken down it would have luxurious curls!  To add to the curly look, the base or foundation hair had a definite curl to it as well.

1973 BLACK Swirla Curler Crissy

1974 Crissy with Twirly Beads

1974 BLACK Crissy with Twirly Beads

1977 Magic Hair Crissy

In 1977 Crissy got a new "grown up" look and a new more "grown up" body to match. Crissy's hair was now short, but with no grow hair feature. Instead Crissy had some hair pieces that attached to her head with Velcro.

1977 BLACK Magic Hair Crissy

1978 Ideal Beautiful Crissy and her Ice Skating Rink

While searching the internet for some Crissy facts and family dolls, I came across this doll and this write up on Crissy Town:

Here is the inspiration for CrissyTown's having put the International Tour Crissy "on ice" in the tour.
Check out this Ice Skating Crissy!

This interesting Australian doll appears to be a variation of the Dorothy Hamill and Her Skating Rink doll released in the USA and France with a very similar box design.

The two dolls are the same size, 12" tall. Beautiful Ice Skating Crissy can be posed in various skating movements...
Overhead Spin
Layback Spin
Crissy Spin
Figure Eight

One can make Ice Skating Crissy skate by moving her Skating Rink with one's hands and Crissy will skate for you!

Beautiful Ice Skating Crissy has on a darling metallic gold skating costume and has an ample head of auburn hair similar to Grow Hair Crissy.

But the Ice Skating Crissy is a not a growing hair doll. She is not an Olympic Champion either but she is definitely a cutie!
Find one, if you can!!


I have used some pics on the page from Crissy Town, a fabulous information page about Crissy, please visit it too: Crissy Town



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