Crissy and Velvet's Friends and Family

1971 Brandi - Crissy's Malibu Friend

Brandi is 18" tall. She is Crissy and
Velvet’s California cousin. Brandi has honey blonde hair and
bright blue painted eyes.  Dina is Brandi's little sister. Brandi arrived in an orange lace up bathing suit and dark orange
elastic lace up clogs. She was first produced in 1971 and had a Posin'
Style waist. Brandi can wear all of Crissy's Mod fashions too.
Brandi has a heart tattoo on her cheek, quite the statement for the times!!!


1971 Dina –  Velvet’s Malibu Friend

Dina is 16" tall and is Crissy and Velvet’s little California
cousin. Brandi is Dina's big sister.

Dina joined the family in 1971.  She has platinum blonde
hair, blue painted eyes, and dimples.  Dina wears a
pair of lilac and white knit overalls with mini
mice on them.  Like her big sister, Dina also has a cute tattoo. Dina's tattoo is a butterfly shaped tattoo on
her leg. Dina also wears white
elastic lace up clogs.  She has a Posin' Style waist.

1971 Kerry - Crissy’s Irish Friend

Kerry, is Crissy's 18” Irish friend. She wears a darling green elephant romper and cute Mary Jane green shoes. Kerry has green eyes and blonde hair. Kerry was first produced in 1971.  


1971 Mia - Velvet's Beautiful Friend

Mia is 16" tall and has brunette hair and Caribbean blue eyes. She also has pretty highlights in her hair! Dina came in a baby blue romper and
wore baby blue T-strap shoes. Dina was made with a straight body style only.

1971 Tressy(Sears Exclusive) - Crissy's Friend

Gorgeous Tressy is 18" tall and just a little bit different from Crissy, Kerry and Brandi. She was an EXCLUSIVE and was available through Sears stores
only.  Tressy came in two different body styles (the first version was available in a black
version also) and her face varied a little as well.  Tressy has long jet
black hair and turquoise eyes. Tressy's little sister is Cricket!

In 1970 Tressy was released in a white or a black version doll wearing a white and buttercup
mini dress that has a Hawaiian print on it.  Sometime that year a variation orange
diamond dress was made.  Tressy wears black bow tie
shoes.  She also wore a

Also in 1971 Tressy became Movin’ Groovin’ Tressy, however her box said Posin’ Tressy. Tressy wore a light turquoise satin mini dress with white
lace sleeves and bowtie shoes to match.

In 1972 Tressy modelled a beautiful bride’s dress with Cricket as the bridesmaid.

1971 Black Tressy(Sears Exclusive)

Gorgeous Black Tressy is 18" tall . She was an EXCLUSIVE and was available through Sears stores
only. No more black Tressy dolls were ever released again.

1971 Posin' Cricket(Sears Exclusive) - Velvet's Friend

Sears Exclusive - Posin’ Cricket
Available in Brown-eyed and Blue-eyed verisons.

Posin' Cricket is 16" tall. She first came out in 1971.  She has long copper penny colored hair and wore an orange and white dress (styled like Velvet’s purple one) and had on shiny dark orange T-strap shoes to coordinate. Cricket came with a hair pick.

Cricket came in one body style only and they called it Movin’ Groovin’ however her box said Posin’ Cricket.

In 1972 there were some versions released of Cricket with blue eyes and a darker red shade of hair.  This version wore the same orange and white
dress but could be purchased with a blue bridesmaid dress.










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