Velvet and Cinnamon

1970 Velvet, Crissy's Cousin

Crissy's cousin Velvet is 16" tall, and 10 years old. She has sparkly lavender eyes that open and close. Like Crissy, Velvet's
long hair can grow, and grow -- or can be made short.

1970 Black Velvet

1971 Movin' Groovin' Velvet

Movin' Groovin' Velvet appeared in 1971 and featured a swivel and tilt waistline modification to the body, for more lifelike poses.


1971 Black Movin' Groovin' Velvet

1971 Talky Velvet

Velvet said her first words in 1971. She could say:

Hi, I'm Velvet!

Come play with me!

My hair grows.

I want to wear my new dress.

Comb my hair please.

I want to be your friend!

There have been some dolls found who say "Let's play a game!"


Not issued as a Black doll.

1972 Look Around Velvet

Look Around Velvet's neck is different as it is designed to
rotate when the string is pulled.  Pull the string and Velvet will
twist her upper body and head and
seem to "Look Around"


1972 Black Look Around Velvet

1973 Beauty Braider


1973 Black Beauty Braider

1974 Swirly Daisies


1974 Black Swirly Daisies

1981 Velvet Re-Issue

In 1981 Velvet was re-issued. She looks much the same except that her foundation hair is parted on the side and is a little curly. Velvet is dressed in a white dress with pink and white lace trim and a pink sash. Velvet's hair in this re-issued edition is adjusted differently. She has a string in the back that is pulled.  


1981 Black Velvet Re-Issue


1972 - Cinnamon, Velvet's Little Sister and Crissy's Cousin

Crissy's smallest cousin was “Velvet's Little Sister” a 12 inch strawberry blonde child doll. This issue was a Caucasian only doll.


1971 -No Black doll issued


1973 - Cinnamon, Hairdoodler

In 1973, this doll was released again, but with her own name and new accessories. She was “Cinnamon with a Hairdoodler.”

1973 - Black Cinnamon, Hairdoodler

1974 - Cinnamon, Curly Ribbons

In 1974, “Cinnamon with the New Curly Ribbons” was released.

1974 - Black Cinnamon, Curly Ribbons



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